Mining Law

We have been involved in the last three national mining legal dispensations and in presenting proposals to Parliament pertaining to the latest national  legislation. We have supported our clients from Application Processes through to the Supreme Court of Appeal, in Mining Law matters. We can guide and enable our clients through application, monitoring, auditing and completing processes required by legislation.

Environmental Law

Environmental law is part of our team’s daily practices and specialised skill. We participate and lead compliance teams for clients, doing both internal and external audits, offerring expert advice and support on:


  • Co-operation with governmental departments.

  • Due diligence reports and investigations;

  • Legal compliance;

  • Environmental impact assessments;

  • Environmental litigation;

  • Internal audits;

  • Water right applications;

  • Environmental authorizations;

  • Destruction permits;

  • Objections.

Conveyancing & Property Law

Our Property Law and Conveyancing Department provides specialised services of the full spectrum on residential and commercial property matters. We have been part of various property developments from onset to finalisation. Our services include:

  • Purchase negotiations;

  • Structuring of transactions;

  • Drafting Agreements of Sale;

  • Rezoning;

  • Residential property transfers;

  • Mortgage bond registrations;

  • Sectional title registers;

  • Commercial property transactions;

  • Land consolidations and Subdivisions;

  • Township registrations, and

  • Short and long term lease agreements

Civil Litigation

Legal action to enforce a particular right in court can be one of the most time consuming and expensive areas of practice. Our team acknowledges this and aims to deliver clear and precise legal advice, by assessing the merits of each case, together with the prospects of success.


Our civil litigation services are:

  • Sale and purchase disputes;

  • Third-party compensation

  • Contractual disputes;

  • Divorce actions;

  • Enforcement of monetary claims and specific performance;

  • Evictions;

  • Attachments and sales in execution;

  • Landlord and Tenant disputes; and

  • Collections.



& Tax Law

From the establishment of the Firm, it has been involved in Commercial and Tax Law including:​

  • Coordinating complex transactions;

  • Strategic legal advise on tax matters;

  • Deal with regulatory requirements;

  • Tax dispute resolution;

  • Business restructuring;

  • Restructuring of private companies;

  • Mergers and acquisitions of private companies;

  • Prepare all required legal documents and instruments including the registration of companies, close corporations, trusts and establishment of other legal entities such as partnerships and private associations;

  • Sales of shares and businesses;

  • Joint ventures;

  • Compliance with Companies Act and King III Report.

Estates, Trusts

& Family Law

Our expert knowledge and legal structures developed over time, will help you avoid unnecessary delays from inexperience or inefficiency by the administrator of an estate. With a sound understanding of related legal processes, we support with comprehensive and mindful estate planning, to ensure that your loved ones are adequately provided for and will receive proper care when they need it most.

The followings covers our expert advice and services to individuals and families:

  • Drafting and safekeeping of wills;

  • Estate planning;

  • Mortis causa and inter vivos trusts;

  • Deceased estate administration;

  • Estate planning;

  • Creating life rights over properties; and

  • Antenuptial contracts


We have successfully managed and supported our clients with labour disputes relating to disciplinary hearings, operational requirements, industrial and strike action disputes in all employment related forums.

Health and Safety

  • Internal risk assessments;

  • Manage and advise on compliance issues;

  • Legal compliance;

  • Appointment letters;

  • SOP’s and COP’s.

Other Practice Areas

  • Dispute resolution

  • Claims against the Road Accident Fund

  • Personal injury claims

  • Medical negligence claims

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